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By Ed Scow, Certified Fitness and Nutrition Expert to Busy Moms and Dads - the true Superheroes!10 minute workout system for busy parents - fit mom and dad

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  • Simple 10-Minute Workouts that value YOUR free time and can be done from home and give you the 'Superhero Body' YOU deserve!


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10 Minute Workout Program (and videos) You Can Do For 4-6 Weeks...absolutely FREE

10 minute workout program from homeI'm in a giving mood today so I decided to give you a full 10-minute workout program, and videos, that you can do from home. Better yet, this workout program should last you around 4-6 weeks before you have to change ANYTHING. It's a 5-day per week program, and I even gave you a few add-on trouble spot workouts for your arms and abs...and videos for those too :)

Below each workout video you'll see a write-up of the individual workout. All you have to do is give the video a watch, write the workout(s) down and then do 'em!

What kind of results can you get in a month? No idea. Can't tell you exactly what you'll accomplish, but if you're anything like my other clients you'll see some pretty cool results including inches lost from your stomach, more defined shoulders and arms, improved posture and your energy levels will be through the roof!

Look...you need to be consistent if you want to see results. You know this. This style of workout program allows you to be consistent because it doesn't steal your free time. It works with YOUR lifestyle rather than asking you to bend around to the will of the program.

Click here to check out that 10-minute workout program, watch all the videos (7 of 'em) and then do the workouts. Do them 5 days per week for at least a month. Give it a month and then review.

Weight Loss Diet Help For A Busy Parent Like YOU! 

weight loss diet helpWhat kind of emotions does the word "diet" bring up?

Are they happy emotions? Or, if you're like most busy parents, do they birng up emotions that make your stomach churn with anxiety over all the foods you CAN'T eat or all the bland-tasting foods you MUST eat?

Many diets are difficult, but the ones that work for the long-term shouldn't be.

Any sound nutrition program should be based on YOUR lifestyle and not ask you to bend around some crazy, restrictive plan that leaves you feeling like a rabbit.

So what does that look like? What does a "diet," or a nutrition program, for a busy parent like you look like?

I wrote a quick little article giving you an idea, as well as something you can use immediately to get a handle on your own eating and lose weight like crazy. It's a simple tip that doesn't require racking up a huge grocery bill or completely eliminating entire food groups.

It's sound advice that can give you tremendous results quickly and easily.

Click here to see what I'm talking about and how you can lose up to 2-3 inches off your waist in a few short weeks. --> Weight Loss Diet Help


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 fat loss to go 10-minute weight loss system for busy moms and dads

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Discover 3 "Weird" Health Foods and How You Can Add Them To Your Daily Diet To Lose Weight Simply and Easily

healthy food to help you lose weightDo you think some foods are better than others at helping you lose weight? Okay, that's probably a dumb question because the answer is an obvious "Yes!" but are there certain health foods better at helping you strip unwanted fat from your body? Absolutely!

I compiled a quick list of 3 "weird" diet foods that will help you lose weight, increase your energy and strip the unwanted fat off your body...without feeling like you're on a diet. I also give you a few pointers on how to add them to your every day eating routine.

Click here to discover those 3 "weird" health foods and how they can help you shed the jiggly jiggle fat.

Push-Up Variations From Beginner to Advanced (Video)

push-up variations from beginner to advancedPush-ups. I absolutely LOVE push-ups...but I know quite a few people who hate them with the same fervor as my love.

I don't know why they are so loathed by so many...I suppose it's because many people are horrible at them, but that's no reason to stop doing them.

In virtually every workout program I create, there are push-ups. Push-ups are a must - on some level.

Can't do push-ups from your toes? That's not a big deal. There are variations that can be used in my 10-minute workouts that fit your fitness level. Then, as those become "easier," you'll simply move up to a more difficult version.

I've seen clients go from their knees to their toes in a matter of two weeks just by changing up a couple things and really focusing. I've seen people go from "regular" from-the-toes push-ups to more advanced variations with such speed it makes their head spin - and leaves a HUGE smile on their face.

So what are some of the BEST push-up variations and how can you progress from "Beginner" to Advanced in the game of push-ups?

I made a quick video demonstrating a number of push-up variations from Beginner to Advanced that you can use in your home workout program, or use in exchange for other push-up variations if you're doing my Fat Loss To Go 10-Minute Workout System.

To give that video a watch, and then try those push-up variations, click here.

10 Minute Workout and 4-Minute Abs Workout (Videos Inside)

I’m all about simplicity.

I also want to value your free time when it comes to designing workout programs.

To that end I’ve created a couple very simple, yet incredibly effective workouts for you to try out. One is a 10-minute workout and the other is a 4-minute abs workout that is meant to be done AFTER that 10-minute workout.

They’re both quick, easy to "get" and don’t require tons of equipment (just your bodyweight and a couple sets of dumbbells).

Here’s a little secret - this is part of an overall workout program I designed for a high-paying private client - so don’t tell them I’m giving it to you for FREE!

This client was fed up with his body - he was fat, had a flabby belly and man boobs - but felt he was too busy to make it to the gym on a regular basis, plus he wanted to spend more time with his wife and kids. I understood that so I designed him an awesome workout program utilizing nothing but 10 minute workouts from home and my exclusive "add-on" workouts to be used when he had extra time and energy.

Click on through --> Here’s a quick and simple 10 minute workout, as well as an awesome 4-minute Abs Workout you can do from home TODAY! Give the article a read, watch the videos and then give these two simple, yet incredibly effective, workouts a try. Click here for the 10-minute workout from home and 4-minute abs workout.

10-Minute Fat Loss Workout Using Bodyweight Exercises

bodyweight cardio workoutI’m not a big fan of "traditional" cardio. I think the word "jog" is sent directly from the devil and the thought of doing it for hours upon hours each week makes my skin crawl.

Can it work? Sure. There are millions of people who claim it’s the best thing in the world...but there are also millions of people who think diet soda is healthy - so don’t trust "people!"

I can tell you this with absolute certainty - it’s NOT the best use of your limited free time and it’s NOT the quickest way to lose your stubborn fat and get your ‘Superhero Body.’

What I have found to be the best use of your valuable free time over the 10+ years of working with clients in my studio is bodyweight cardio. Taking simple bodyweight exercises, putting them together in a certain way and cranking it out for 10-15 minutes.10-minute bodyweight workout

You can’t just slap whatever bodyweight exercise you want together and expect it to be effective - they have to be paired together so you don’t overwork certain parts of your body and yet work your muscles hard enough to elicit the calorie-burning and get the metabolic response you’re after.

It has to be intelligently designed!

To that end, here’s a quick and simple 10-minute fat loss cardio workout using ONLY your own bodyweight. That means you can do it from anywhere - home, while traveling, or even at the park while your kids are playing. Click here to give that bodyweight cardio workout video a watch...and then try! --> 10-Minute Bodyweight Workout

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 fat loss to go 10-minute weight loss system for busy moms and dads

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