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10-Minute Weight Loss Workout Video

Check out this quick and simple 10-minute weight loss workout video designed just for busy moms and dads. Lose stubborn fat with this 10-minute weight loss workout

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and author of Fat Loss To Go

I had the pleasure of working with a new weight loss client the other day and we got to talking about my 10-minute workout philosophy and she was both perplexed and in disbelief.

She had the old-school belief that you had to work for at least an hour if you really wanted to lose weight.

We had a lively discussion about how your body burns fat, the important role of nutrition, and the overly-hyped and flat out lies being pimped about cardio. I even told her she didn’t have to do cardio at all if she ate properly and stuck to the right workout program.

At this point I knew she was either to demand her money back, give my methods a try, or politely nod her head and never come back!10-minute weight loss workout

Thankfully she decided to trust me and give my 10-minute workout philosophy a try and see if it would help her lose that stubborn fat she’d been trying to lose in vein since her last baby was born.

Before we go any farther and you watch the workout video, I’d like to explain something about that philosophy.

I believe that your time is valuable.

I believe that you deserve to live a life that doesn’t revolve around your workouts and sure as hell doesn’t have to involve paying a useless health club monthly dues.

I also believe that eating to lose weight, and then maintain that weight loss is a relatively simple procedure (though not always easy), but we’ll cover that in a different article.

The reason I believe all those things, and can put those beliefs into practice, is because I’m a busy parent just like you. Yes I’m a trainer and own a personal training studio, but that doesn’t mean I live there. I want to spend quality time with my family...and sometimes I just want to sit my butt on the couch and watch television!

In order to do those things and live my belief system, the workouts I do, and you do, must be specific and they must be intelligently designed. There cannot be wasted movements and there cannot be wasted time.

If you’re going to do a 10-minute weight loss workout with the goal of losing stubborn fat, then it damn well better be honed in so you maximize that time-frame, burn calories - not just during the workout but for hours and hours AFTER the workout (something cardio cannot do) - and get the body you truly desire.

To demonstrate this philosophy and give you an idea of what it is I’m blabbering about, check out the workout video below (and then try the 10-minute workout!)...

10-Minute Weight Loss Workout Designed For Busy Parents

Pretty straight forward, right? The cool thing is it’s not only flexible in terms of time, but it’s also adaptable to your current fitness level.

So if you’re a relative beginner, or have a lot of weight to lose, you would do the push-ups from your knees and use a lighter weight for the Swing and Bent Over Row and you can remove the jumping from the Burpee (although I don’t want you to unless you absolutely have to).

Then, as you get stronger and the weight starts dripping off in pools of sweat, you can increase the intensity by reducing any rest periods, increasing the resistance used and doing more difficult push-ups.

For instance I’ll typically substitute a more advanced push-up like Decline Spiderman Push-ups or Close Grip Dive Bombers rather than the standard push-up and I won’t rest at all.

You can also expand the time frame from 10-minutes up to 15, or even take a break after going through the 10-minute workout once and then go through it another 10 minutes.


You could be done with this one after 10-minutes and then go on to one of my Add-On workouts. Want an extra Abs Workout? Click here to check out a sweet addition.

Are you a dad and want to hit your arms a bit more? Click here for a killer Arms Add-On Workout.

Are you a mom and want to trim your hips and thighs while toning your butt? Check this simple and effective Legs Add-On Workout.

Here’s the rundown on that workout so you can write it down before heading away from this page...

10-Minute Weight Loss Workout:

1A) Push-up - 8 Reps

1B) DB or KB Swing - 15 Reps

1C) DB Bent Over Row - 8 reps

Complete as many circuits possible in 8-minutes and then go on to...

2) Burpees - 20 seconds on/10 seconds off for 2-minutes.

Sound cool?

Of course it does!

Now go on with your bad self and start busting your butt and melting off that fat!

ed scow

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