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1 Diet Tip To Lose Weight Fast

Want to lose weight?  Check out this quick diet tip that will help you lose weight fast.  Diets should be simple to follow and with this 1 weird tip, you can lose fat quickly and easily.

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and author of Fat Loss To Go

Time is a huge commodity in this day and age, especially if you’re a parent.

There’s so much "stuff" pulling your attention in so many different directions it can make your head spin.

This makes trying to lose weight, and trying to lose weight fast, a pretty difficult thing to do.

Add to that the confused state you’re put into because of all the different workouts and diet tricks people tell you to do. Should you focus on that fancy new boot camp workout or super-intense infomercial or that crazy diet?

Should you do an extreme diet for a week or two, or go to the exercise class?

It makes my head spin, so I can’t imagine what it is doing to you!cashews help you lose weight fast

To help you along the weight loss path, here’s a quick tip to help you lose fat fast…

A super easy trick you can do is before every lunch and dinner, eat a healthy and fiber-rich snack.


What is one of the main benefits of fiber?

It expands in your stomach and takes up space…

…Space that would otherwise be filled with food and drink – food and drink that you probably don’t need because you’re actually trying to LOSE weight, and not gain it.

So the simple act of adding this healthy, fiber-rich snack about 15-minutes before you eat essentially shrinks your stomach. Have you ever used that expanding foam around your house? You have a crack that needs sealed and you spray this foamy stuff in there and it expands to fill the space. It’s crazy stuff and it works awesome.

This is the same concept – put a little foamy filler in your stomach before you eat am eal and you can’t eat as much.

Biff, bam, boom you lose weight fast!

The caveat with this is that is must be a healthy snack and it must be low-calorie.

If it’s not low in calories, you may as well not do it. So don’t stuff your face full of almonds thinking that because they’re rich in fiber and protein you’ll be good, because you won’t.

Almonds can work, but you must keep the serving size very small.

A better choice would be something like a serving of broccoli or an apple. Those are both low in calories and a decent source of fiber. The apple also has the added benefit of water, which will fill your stomach up a bit more.

Have you ever heard the saying that it takes 20 minutes for your brain to get the message that you’re full?

That’s pretty much true, and that’s another benefit of this tip to lose weight fast.

If you have this snack before you have your meal, your brain will get the message that much sooner, which will make it much easier to stop eating before you pass the breaking point – the point where you start storing those extra calories as fat.

Think you can manage that?

I think you can! So go on and figure out a few of your favorite snacks that are high in fiber, while also being low in calories and watch yourself lose weight fast!


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