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3 Tips To Lose Pregnancy Weight

Are you finally ready to get rid of your pregnancy weight but don't know where to start?  Here are my 3 top tips to lose pregnancy weight and 'mommy weight' and get the trim, toned and storng figure you want and deserve!

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and author of Fat Loss To Go

Since I started doing ladies only fat loss boot camps, I have taken on a lot of clients who have just been cleared by the doctor to start exercising intensely again and are furiously trying to lose pregnancy weight and get rid of that mommy belly.

That’s awesome. I love it when clients are so gung-ho about wanting to lose fat and get in shape, and new moms are the best to work with because they will do whatever it takes and listen well…

…I wish all my clients were as excited and pumped up as these new moms.

Anyway, there are always a few tips I give to my mom clients when they want to lose pregnancy weight and get rid of their mommy belly.

The first thing I tell them is to relax.

You just had a baby, which is quite possibly the coolest thing that our bodies can endure, and you need to cherish this time and cherish what you just accomplished.

It is way too easy to go overboard and not take your health into consideration when you want to lose that mommy belly and get your sexy body back (or just get it if you never had it to begin with).

I’ve encountered far too many moms who have gone on crash diets and become exercise addicts in an effort to lose pregnancy weight.

It might help for a little while, but sooner or later you are going to crash and you have nothing to fall back on because you just can’t maintain that crazy workout and diet forever.

So my first bit of advice to all moms is to just chill out. Take a step back and set up a reasonable plan. A plan that you can stick to. One that will help you lose pregnancy weight and your mommy belly in a reasonable amount of time and that doesn’t involve crash diets, fad diets, or any whacky workouts.

The next thing I tell them is to ease up on the cardio and stop doing crunches.

I know that’s two things and those are two things that virtually every mom gives me the "crazy look" when I say it.

But there’s something you need to know about cardio and abs exercises when it comes to losing pregnancy weight and your mommy belly…

…they are very overrated. They’re not evil or stupid as some fitness experts may tell you, they’re just overrated and not a good use of your time.

You need to focus on doing full body fat loss exercises, full body workouts and full body abs exercises if you really want to succeed in losing pregnancy weight and getting a tight, toned and sexy tummy and body.

If you are going to do cardio, make sure you keep the intensity high and the duration short.

If you can hold a conversation with your neighbor, that’s too easy and if you can watch an entire episode of Grey’s Anatomy, then that’s too long.how to lose pregnancy weight

Use interval training for your cardio, or do different types of resistance training for your cardio like timed intervals with burpees, mountain climbers, push-ups and squats. You’ll get far more fat loss bang for your buck and it helps break up the monotony.

The last thing all moms need to focus on when trying to lose pregnancy weight and their mommy belly is to learn to eat.

First off, if you’re a mom and you’re nursing, you need more calories in order to keep your milk supply up – so you shouldn’t cut your calories too low or you will harm your baby.

Second, you need to cut out ALL processed foods, increase your intake of whole, raw fruits and vegetables and increase your "healthy" fat intake.

If you don’t want to eat those things because you don’t like them, eat them for your kids, especially if you’re nursing. Studies are showing the importance of things like unsaturated fats (poly and mono) in the development of your baby, plus all the phytonutrients found in the fruits and veggies will help your baby stay healthy and strong.

You need to eat at regular intervals throughout the day so you don’t let yourself get to the point where you’re starving and will eat anything in sight. Keep the meals small and high in fiber and protein.

Concentrate on those 2 things and you’ll be good to go.

So there you have it mom, follow those tips and you will lose pregnancy weight, get rid of your mommy belly and get a tight, toned, lean and sexy body. 

If you'd like a couple quick workout videos to get you started, click the links below:

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Have a great day!

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