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3 Weird Health Foods

Add these 3 weird, yet VERY healthy foods to your diet and watch your waist line shrink and lose all kinds of fat!

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and author of Fat Loss To Go

I love me some food.

However, over the past several months I’ve made it a point to try new things.

I’m a big believer in setting and keeping routines, but sometimes you hae to break those puppies and try new things.

I can get very boring with my eating – that’s because it’s easy – but I’ve decided to branch out a bit and start trying some new things.

There are 3 foods in particular I’ve been eating that I’m very fond of. Some may say they’re weird – not weird in the sense that they’re funky, just weird because they’re not consumed on a regular basis like, say, apples.

1 – Avocado

I never used to eat avocado because guacamole freaked me out.avocado health food

It looked weird…and green, and that bothered me. Plus my cousins always used to mix guacamole and nacho cheese for nachos and that really bothered me - I don't like foods mixing together like that!

However, not too long ago, Andrea started using it in certain dishes and now I’m hooked.

We add avocado to sandwiches, salads, burgers…pretty much anything.

One of my favorite salads, which will really help you lose weight and you should add to your diet, includes lots of spinach and romaine lettuce, dried cherries, broccoli, sliced avocado (not too much), feta cheese, slivered almonds and sunflower seeds. I then top it off with a vinaigrette dressing.

That salad is loaded with fiber, protein, healthy fats and "good" carbohydrates, not to mention a whole host of vitamins and minerals. That wicked combination not only makes this a super-healthy diet meal, but it also keeps my energy levels through the roof all afternoon, which is an improtant factor for mos parents. Oh, and it tastes good too...which you can't say for many diet foods or meals that help you lose weight!

Avocados are loaded with the all-important healthy fats which do wonders for many hormone systems, your skin, nails and hair as well as provide a natural boost to testosterone and growth hormone which are important if you’re exercising.

They’re also loaded with powerful antioxidants called phytonutrients which help your body beat the crap out of free radicals and protect you from cancers and other maladies.

Another good thing about avocados is that the fat content makes them a wonderful appetite suppressant – assuming you don’t eat entire avocados!

The fat will digest slowly, and when combined with a healthy fiber and protein-rich meal, will keep your appetite satisfied for hours and hours.

If your appetite is satisfied, but you don’t feel stuffed, you have just created a scenario where you will lose weight…shocking!

But do be careful when adding avocado because it is very calorie-dense (meaning it's not necessarily a low calorie food) and a little goes a long way – especially considering it’s mostly used as a topping to other foods.

Add slices to your burgers, make some homemade guacamole, slice it up and throw it in wraps and even add it to omelets – the sky really is the limit!

2 – Cashews

This isn’t really a "weird" food, but it is a food many don’t eat regularly.health food cashew

Whenever you’re told by other experst to eat nuts, it’s usually almonds or walnuts for various reasons, but cashews should also be thrown into the mix.

They’re sweeter than almonds and the benefits are pretty much the same.

They’re high in protein, fiber and healthy fats and LOADED with phytonutrients.

When they’re paired up with fruit they make an awesome "On The Go" snack – and the best part is kids love ‘em too!

I love adding cashews to my daily salads because they up the sweetness factor which means you don’t have to add as much dressing and still keep the taste factor up.

I also add them to a mixture of homemade granola and all-natural yogurt. This is a very simple concoction that makes a great lunch and is very portable. Even better would be to add some fruit like blueberries, bananas or raspberries.

Be careful when adding cashews - especially if you're a person who eats too fast - because it's very easy to consume too many calories. Cashews, like all nuts, are calorie-dense (just like the avocado...this isn't necessarily a low-calorie food).

3 – Papaya

I absolutely LOVE papaya!

This isn’t something I eat as regularly as avocado or cashews because it can get a bit pricey, but it’s something we eat a couple times per week.

The biggest reason I eat it is because papaya is awesome for your skin.

You only have one skin – you can’t replace it and it gets damaged very easy from the sun.

You have to take care of your skin!

Papaya does wonders in helping protect and heal your skin from the inside out. It strengthens, tones and gives it a nice healthy glow.

It also helps fight off wrinkles and age-related spots.

You can eat it with pretty much anything, but we add it mostly to salads, or slice it up and eat it as a side dish.

The good thing about these 3 health foods is that they’re pretty easy to find and very easy to add to your diet.

A lot of the "different" health foods can be tough to find in bigger grocery stores, or if they are the quality sucks. These 3 foods can be found in virtually all grocery stores, but you will be better off getting them from places like your local farmer’s markets.

As is the case with virtually all produce (except the cashews) they start to die as soon as they’re picked, which means some of the nutrients are lost in transport. The closer you are to the fields, the better.

And remember that the avocado and cashews are not low-calorie foods in the same way something like an apple would be. They are "high fat" in terms of total calories, but that doesn't mean you should avoid them. Just because something is a low calorie food doesn't mean you should eat it and, on the flip side, because something is higher in calories doesn't mean you should avoid it.

Make sense?

Alrighty, that’s it for this article!

I hope you enjoyed it!


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