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3 Worst Fat Loss Exercises To Lose Pregnancy Weight

Here's a quick list of the 3 worst fat loss exercises to lose pregnancy weight.  Some you may be surprised by, and hopefully you'll discover how to lose pregnancy weight the right way so you can get the trim, toned and strong figure you want and deserve!

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and author of Fat Loss To Go

I love working with new moms. They’re usually in the right frame of mind and will do pretty much anything I tell them to when it comes to losing pregnancy weight and getting their body back.

They’re fired up and ready to work and I love working with people like that!

However, there are a lot of misconceptions and a lot of moms doing worthless fat loss exercises in an effort to lose pregnancy weight and get their bodies back.

Here’s a short list of my all-time 3 worst fat loss exercises to lose pregnancy weight.

  1. Crunches, Sit-ups or any other abdominal isolation exercise   
  2. Any leg isolation exercise like leg extensions, hip abductor/adductor (thigh master), etc.   
  3. Anything done on a machine.   

Did any of those happen to surprise you?

Usually when I tell my moms to stop doing crunches and doing anything on a machine, they look at me funny and ask, very nervously, "Why?"

Well, I’m glad you asked and I’ll tell you why.

First off, if you want to lose pregnancy weight and get rid of your mommy belly, crunches – and any other typical "abs exercise" – are worthless.

They’re worthless because they don’t do anytying to burn fat. Sure they will strengthen your midsection and make your abs "burn", but who cares?

You’re not concerned with strengthening your midsection, you want to get rid of the tummy fat, right?

Crunches, sit-ups, twists, and any other typical "abs exercise" just don’t move enough muscle, and if you don’t move enough muscle you won’t burn any calories.

Exercises like Swings, Jack Knives and Planks are far better abs exercises than crunches and sit-ups because they not only work the abs, but they also work so many other muscle groups that they ignite your metabolism and keep it elevated long after you’re done working out.

Next up are all those leg "isolation exercises" like leg extensions, and hip abductor/adductor machines (thigh master like exercises).

Suzanne Somers (I probably misspelled her name, but that’s OK), made millions selling those silly Thigh Master contraptions and they’re largely a waste of time and money. Yet I still hear and see countless moms doing these exercises in the gym on those machines in an effort to get rid of thigh fat.

The reason you shouldn’t do these is the same reason you shouldn’t do crunches…they just don’t move enough muscle to burn any calories.

You’re far better off doing squats, lunges, stability ball leg curls and hip extensions than any of those isolation exercises to get rid of thigh fat and lose pregnancy weight.

I know that many moms are concerned with getting "bulky" or getting big thighs by doing those exercises, but don’t worry because it won’t happen.get rid of mommy weight

It won’t, it can’t, and it’s damn near impossible for most moms to gain that much muscle. You just don’t have the necessary hormones.

You’ll just have to trust me and give those exercises a try…I guarantee you they won’t make you big and bulky.

Last up for the worst fat loss exercises to lose pregnancy weight and tummy fat is anything done on a machine.

I’m not going to get into the cardio thing with this article, rather I’m talking about all the exercise machines sold at sporting good stores or found in the health clubs.

All those machines try to "isolate" certain muscles or groups in an effort to help you lose pregnancy weight.

What they really do is cut out most of the benefit of a good fat loss workout.

You’re cutting yourself out of working a lot of muscle and actually MOVING your body.

All these machines require you to sit and we just sit way too damn much to go to the health club and sit some more!

Moms need to do full body exercises that use dumbbells, resistance tubing, or your own bodyweight rather than relying on some giant piece of equipment that takes up an entire room in your house or is found in the health clubs.

You’re severely limiting your ability to lose pregnancy weight if you use these machines.

You need to get off the machine and start doing fat loss exercises like planks, push-ups, squats, DB Swings, lunges, hip extension, shoulder presses, rows, etc. that require lots of muscles to work and get you up off your butt and moving.

Only then will you succeed and lose your pregnancy weight and tummy fat.  

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