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5 Easy Fat Loss Tips You Can Start Right Now

Finally ready to get started with your fat loss program?  Here are 5 quick and simple fat loss tips you can start using immediately to get the Superhero Body you deserve!

by Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT (aka The Fit Dad) - Fitness and Nutrition Expert to the true superheroes - busy Moms and Dads! and Author of Fat Loss To Go

You want to lose fat right?   That’s probably a pretty stupid question considering you’re reading this article.


I’ll skip all the formalities and get right to the point.   Here are 5 fat loss tips that anyone can integrate into their daily lives right now.


1)  Kick the habit on liquid calories.   Liquid calories are useless calories.   You don’t need to drink things like soda (pop, Coke, or whatever you call it), calorie-rich coffees, and alcohol.   All these drinks do is make you gain fat. easy fat loss tips


There is no arguing the statement.   If you drink a lot of these, or even a little, you are severly limiting the amount of fat you can lose.


Liquid calories are, without a doubt, the worst calories you can possibly consume if you want to lose fat They just are.


The good thing is that by giving them up, they are also the calories that come off the quickest. 


I have had clients lose over 10 pounds in a week just by getting rid of their daily soda intake.   10 pounds just by giving up soda!   That’s unreal, but true. 


I’ve heard stories about people losing more because they drink so much. 


Part of the reason is because that’s so many calories consumed with no nutritional value, and another reason is that many people retain water when they consume lots of liquid calories.   To be honest, I don’t know why this is, but it’s true.   I, in fact, am one of those people.   If I have a couple sodas, I will retain water and I can tell the next day.   It’s not good.fat loss tips for busy moms and dads


2)  Add more fiber.  Fiber is king when it comes to fat loss. Most foods that are high in fiber are also low in calories, plus they act as a “bulker” in your stomach which makes you feel full/satisfied faster, which means you won’t eat as much. If you don’t eat as much, you’ll lose weight. Simple as that.


3) Stay out of the health club and do your workouts at home.   This may seem odd, but it’s true for many people.   Some people don’t get very good workouts in at health clubs because they have to wait too long for equipment, or because their programs are just horrible.


There are also those people that pay for health club memberships and don’t use them.   That’s why I tell people to save their money and buy some dumbbells, resistance tubing and medicine balls and create a mini-gym in their home. 


It’s cheap and you’ll get a much better fat burning workout in because you won’t waste any time and you don’t have as many excuses keeping you from your workouts like commute time.


4) Steer clear of white flour and sugar.   This   should go without saying, but unfortunately I have to keep pounding this home.   White flour and sugar will do nothing but make you fat.   It has no nutritional value and will wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels and just make you fat.


To make that easier, stay away from most things that come in a bag or box and white breads.   Most foods found in bags or boxes are highly processed carbohydrates that lack any nutritional value.   I know they’re tasty, but once you get away from them for a while, you’ll come to realize that they don’t taste that good.


5)   Do lots of full body exercises like push-ups and squats.   These movements use a lot of muscle which means they burn lots of fat.   Plus they help to strengthen your core, which is weak on pretty much every person alive today due to our sedentary society.   So not only will you lose lots of fat by doing this type of exercise, but you’ll lessen your back pain and feel better because of them.


Here are a couple videos teaching you how to do push-ups and planks


How To Do A Push-up


How To Do A Plank


Have a great day!

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