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5 Fast Loss Tips For Women Only


Are you a busy mom who wants to lose excess fat?  Here are 5 simple tips all successful weight loss programs utilize and are for moms only.  It's time to lose that stubborn fat and get the Superhero Figure you deserve!

by Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT (aka The Fit Dad) - Fitness and Nutrition Expert to the true superheroes - busy Moms and Dads! and Author of Fat Loss To Go

I train and design a lot of fat loss programs for women. The main concepts of every single one of my fat loss programs are always the same.fat loss tips for moms


They focus on 5 fat loss tips that I’m going to reveal to you now.


1) Do less cardio. This is by far the one that is toughest for most ladies to stick to when they want to lose fat. I don’t know why, but ladies love long, boring, joint pounding cardio sessions. I think it’s because most women think that by doing resistance training, they’re going to turn into a guy and get big, hulking muscles and grow a beard, so they do lots and lots of slow cardio in the “fat burning zone” to get around this.


That's not how it works. First there’s no such thing as a fat burning zone. It’s a myth that should be laid to rest for good.  Is there a point at which your body burns a higher percentage of fat when exercising?  Yes, but this also happens when you're chilling out watching television and that's not generally thought of as a fat burning activity :)


Second, I want you to stop thinking about calories burned while doing thworkout and start thinking about the amount of fat burned while not exercising. There is a way to do your cardio that gets you done in as little as 15 minutes that burns more fat throughout the remainder of the day than 90 minutes of moderate cardio in your fat burning zone.


It’s called interval training.   All interval training means is you mix short bouts of intense activity with longer bouts of moderate activity.


Take the treadmill as an example.   After you warm-up, you would run relatively fast for 20 seconds, followed by a slow jog for 60 seconds, repeat that until you’ve gone about 12 minutes.   Then cool down and you’re done.   If you do it correctly, I promise you you’ll feel worked when you’re done and you’ll be in and out of the gym quicker than most of the other ladies warm-up.


You don't have to use interval training with typical cardio machines, either.  You can mix bouts of burpees with mountain climbers as your interval training, or run stairs, or anything that's pretty intense (relatively speaking).  The best thing about it for busy moms like you is that it gets you finished quicker, and delivers a lot better results.


2)   Eat more fiber.apples are great sources of fiber and help women lose fat


Fiber is king when it comes to fat loss.   Eat more of it and you will lose fat. Just start adding more fruits, vegetables, and healthy nuts to your daily diet and you’ll notice results within days.


One quick note - I know whole grains have a decent amount of fiber, but I don't want you to rely on grains for your fiber intake.  Break away from the grains and try other foods, like the ones mentioned above.  Why?  Because there are too many grains in our overall diets and too much is definitely not a good thing.


3)   Stop drinking diet soda.   Diet soda, believe it or not, can be making you gain weight.   How is that you ask?   Because it makes many ladies retain water.   As if you didn’t have enough of that to worry about already, now you have to worry about diet sodas making you retain water.


So, stop drinking them and you may lose upwards of 10 pounds in a week.  That's not a misprint.


4)   Do resistance training 3 times per week.   No, you won’t get big burly muscles like a guy.   In fact, many guys have trouble getting big muscles.   It’s very, very hard to gain 1 pound of muscle and it’s even harder for women because they naturally don’t have the hormones.


But doing resistance training doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go hang out with the boys...especially when you're doing it to lose fat.  Just stick to 3 full body workouts that focus on full body movements like push-ups, rows, squats, lunges and full body core movements like planks and mountain climbers rather than crunches.


Doing so will burn a lot more fat and tone your arms and legs much faster than doing isolation movements like bicep curls, triceps kickbacks and the inner thigh machines.


5)   Stop doing so many crunches.


It drives me crazy to hear that people do hundreds of crunches everyday because you're setting yourself up for failure, but you do receive a lot of anger and frustration. That will not give you a flat, sexy stomach and will not help a busy lady like you lose stomach fat.  It may strengthen those muscles, but what good does that do if they’re hidden below a layer of flabby goo or muffin top?


You have to lose stomach fat by following the previous 4 tips I gave you. That’s how you get the firm, flat tummy you’ve always wanted. That’s how you get rid of the muffin top and fit into those skinny jeans.


Not by doing endless amounts of crunches.


If you'd like a couple workout videos designed just for busy moms, click the links below:


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Have an awesome day!

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