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Top Arms Exercises


Check out this quick list of arms exercises all busy moms and dads should add to their overall workout program.

by Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT (aka The Fit Dad) - Fitness and Nutrition Expert to the true superheroes - busy Moms and Dads! and Author of Fat Loss To Go



Everybody wants a nice set of arms.


Guys want the guns.   Ladies want nice, toned arms…but not too big or mannish.


Well, I’ve narrowed the list of top arms exercises down to 3 and it doesn’t matter if you’re a guy looking for bigger, toned arms or a lady looking for slimmer, toned arms because they’ll work for everybody looking for a great set of arms and tough arms exercises.top arms exercises


Surprisingly I’m not including any direct bicep exercises because when it comes to a nice set of arms, the triceps and shoulders make up a huge portion while the biceps are only a small fraction.


First on the list of top arms exercises is the push-up, but I’m going to give you a couple different types (so there’s actually 4 arms exercises here) to mix it up a bit and put more emphasis on your arms.


The first one is the close grip push-up where your hands are either straight down from your shoulders or even a little bit closer.


The one thing you really need to remember when doing these, though is that when you lower your body make sure your elbows go back and not out to the side.   Doing so puts a lot more tension on those triceps and shoulders turning a good arms exercise into a great arms exercise.


The other type of push-up I want you to try is the Spider Man Push-up.   The spiderman push-up is very similar to a regular push-up, except when you lower yourself you bring one foot off the floor and bend your leg so that your knee comes up toward the outside of your elbow…kind of like you’re crawling along the floor.


Then when you press yourself back up, you bring your leg back to its starting position and switch legs the next repeititon.


The act of bringing one leg up not only works your core, but it puts added emphasis on the arms to turn this push-up into a killer arms exercise.


The next arms exercise I want you to try is the dumbbell Push Press.


This is a shoulder exercise, but is also a great exercise for your triceps.


It’s performed very similar to a standing shoulder press, except you start off by lowering yourself slightly at the hips and knees (like a squat, but not as low) before explosively standing up and pressing the dumbbells over your head.


Doing the exercise in this fashion allows you to use a heavier weight than a normal shoulder press and when paired with the other exercises in this article can turn your good arms into great arms.


The last exercise I’m going to give you is a direct triceps exercise.


I don’t give very many “isolation” exercises because they’re largely overrated when it comes to fat loss, “toning” or even size, but this one is an exception.


The last arms exercise is the lying triceps extension.


Lie on a bench and extend your arms straight over your chest while holding a pair of dumbbells, with your palms facing each other.


While keeping your upper arm straight, bend your arms at the elbow and lower the weights until your forearms are parallel to the floor.   Pause and extend your arms.


This arms exercise really works those triceps, plus your shoulders even get a little work in there for stabilizing the weight.


So there you have it, there are my top arms exercises for both men and women who are looking for a better set of arms.


Add 2 or all of them to your next workout and you’ll begin to see a big difference in the way your arms look and feel.

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