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Arms Workout for Wonder-Moms and Super-Dads


Are you wanting to develop a stronger, better looking set of arms?  All moms and dads want nicer arms, so here's a couple arms workout videos to help give you the strong, defined arms you deserve that look awesome in and out of shirts!

by Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT (aka The Fit Dad) - Fitness and Nutrition Expert to the true superheroes - busy Moms and Dads! and Author of Fat Loss To Go

I’m a dad-dude and us dudes like to have a nice set of arms.  arms workout 


OK, I’m sorry I used the word 'dude'…and I’m really sorry I used it twice. 


But it’s true. All guys like to have a set of strong arms and to be totally honest ladies love it when their guy has a set of strong arms. 


But the ladies don’t get left out of the arms equation because I don’t think I’ve ever come across a lady who didn’t want sexier, more toned arms. 


They wanted to get rid of the jiggle on their underarms…some call them “bye-bye arms” and I’ve even heard the term “batwing arms”, which doesn’t paint a very pretty picture. 


So it’s probably no surprise that as a trainer I get asked by a lot of guys and ladies for a really great arms workout


They want to know what my arms workout looks like and I really can’t blame them. 


A weak looking or flabby set of arms doesn’t look very good. I’m sorry to say that, and I’m sorry if you took offense to my vanity, but it’s true. Everybody looks, and feels, better when they have a great looking set of arms so it’s no surprise that everybody wants a great arms workout. 


But what does a great arms workout look like? 


Is it filled with nothing but bicep curls and triceps pressdowns or kickbacks? 


No, no, no a great arms workout does not include lots of those exercises. They are included, but there are other, more important exercises that need to be included as well. 


Take this arms workout for example. (Click here for an arms workout video


Oh, by the way, before I move on I think you should know that the arms workouts I design for guys and gals don’t differ that much. In fact most of them are the same, the only difference is the resistance used. arms workout for women


I know that may sound weird, but trust me on this one. I’ve designed thousands of workouts over my career and not once have I ever seen a reason to give a lady a different arms workout than a guy. The anatomy isn’t any different so why should the workout be? 


Anyway, back to what a good arms workout looks like. 


I always include these types of workouts at the end of a regular fat loss workout because working the arms is kind of like putting icing on a cake. If the rest of the cake is horrible, then what point is it spending lots of time on the icing? 


I think that’s a bad analogy but hopefully you get the point. 


So here’s an add-on arms workout I just designed for a guy client. Remember to do this workout after your regular fat loss workout. 


Perform it as a circuit moving from one exercise to the next and only resting 20 seconds after the third exercise before repeating the circuit 2 or 3 more times for a total of 3 or 4 sets.  (All pictures and descriptions are after the article)


1A) Close Grip DB Chest Press – 12 reps 

1B) Close Grip Chin-up – 6-8 reps (Or Substitute Close Grip Lat Pulldown)

1C) DB Triceps Extension – 15 reps 


Here’s another one I just designed for a lady client: 


1) Close Grip Push-up – 10 reps 

2) DB Bicep Curl – 8 reps 

3) DB Triceps Extension – 8 reps 


If you do those 2 add-on arms workouts correctly, use proper form and a slow tempo your arms should be screaming at you by the time you’re done. And if you include those workouts after your regular workout for a few weeks you’ll notice a huge difference not only in the way your arms look but in the way they feel and how strong you’ve become. 


Just remember to make sure the weights you use are heavy enough to make the exercise difficult. If the arms workout calls for 8 reps, you shouldn’t be able to do 15. 


So give one of thosearms workouts a try the next time you do your 10-minute workouts and see what happens. Who knows in a few short weeks you just may notice some big changes.


If you'd like a couple more examples of 10-minute workouts and arms workouts, click the links below to check out a couple videos:


10-Minute Workout For Busy Parents


Arms Workout To Get Strong and Defined Arms


Have an awesome day!  

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