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Fast 10-Minute Home Workout

Looking for a new style of workout?  Here's a fast 10-minute home workout video for you to try.  The true key with any workout program is consistency and by devoting at least 10-minutes a day (who can't do that) to your workout, you'll start to see the fat fall off your stomach.

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT and Fitness and Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads! Author of Fat Loss To Go

I think it's pretty apparent from this site that 10-minute workouts are my thing.fast 10-minute home workout

I love designing 10-minute workouts. I love doing 'em and I love it when people get results from spending so little time out of their busy day following this philosophy.

There are so many misonceptions about workouts, cardio, and what to do to lose fat that it makes your head spin - and it makes me crazy. To give someone an awesome fat loss workout that only takes 10 minutes out of their busy day is truly a treat.

Personally, I love doing mine first thing in the morning. It allows you to get a killer workout done before anything else gets in your way. Just hop out of bed (or roll), throw on some workout gear (or do it in your underwear), and a few minutes later you're done. How cool is that?

Another cool thing is that, if you have time, you can do it again later in the day. Doing it once is effective enough, but hitting it again later in the day kicks your metabolism up another notch and really cranks up the fat burning.

This is actually one of my personal secret weapons. Do the 10-minute workout once in the morning, or over lunch hour, then again later in the day. This 1-2 punch delivers quite the knockout blow to your blubbery stomach flubber, plus it makes it easier to make good eating decisions.

Check out this video below where I go over one of my favorite 10-minute workouts.

Fast 10-Minute Home Workout

Here's the workout in written form in case you were too busy watching the video to write it down.

10-Minute Workout From Home:

1A) Mountain Climber Push-up - 10 reps
1B) Squat Thrust - 10 reps
1C) Side Plank Extension - 12 reps/side
1D) DB Rear Fly - 15 reps
Repeat that workout as many times possible in 10-minutes and you're done, but don't forget to warm-up beforehand.  I'd hate to see you injure yourself because you skipped that part.
If you have some extra time, either continue on for another 5-minutes, or do it again.
Or you could add one of my add-on workouts for your arms, abs or legs.  Here are a few examples:
Give those videos a watch, then try 'em, and let me know what you think!  I know you'll love the 10-minute workuts, and add-on workouts and will see awesome results!

ed scow

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