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Fast Legs Circuit Workout For Moms

Want to get stronger, more toned legs and butt? Give this legs circuit workout video a watch and add it to your sexy legs workout program today!

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and author of Fat Loss To Go

If you're reading this article (and about to watch the workout video), you're obviously a mom.

Do you want stronger, more toned legs and butt?

I know, I know...stupid question.sexy legs circuit workout for moms

I'm going to be honest. I've been a trainer for over a decade and have owned and operated a private training studio for nearly 9 years and virtually every female client I've worked with (and there's been A LOT of them) have asked, no demanded, to have a program that gives them stronger, and more toned legs and round butt.

I understand.

I'm a guy and I'm telling you that the male side of this species loves, and I mean loves a nice looking pair of legs.

Strong looking legs are incredibly attractive. Seeing a pair of sexy legs in short shorts, or especially a skirt, is a wonderful sight and it's why I love buying my wife clothing that shows off her legs because hers are awesome!

She's worked very hard for her legs and it shows. That doesn't mean she spends hours and hours doing exercises on the machines in the gym (we don't have a gym membership), nor does it mean she goes to the butts and abs classes, spinning classes, or spend hours doing cardio (she rarely does traditional cardio, except for the walks we take as a family).

No, she spends most of her workout time doing things like you're about to see below. Things like squats, lunges and hip extensions. She does them in an intelligently designed program that works her legs often enough to give them a chance to change, but not so often they get over trained and aren't allowed to trim the fat and tigthen/tone up.

Does that make sense?

Maybe it will after the video...

Fast Legs Circuit Workout For Moms

What'd you think?

Did you get a chance to write that tight and sexy legs circuit workout down?

Here's the rundown...legs and butt workout for women

Fast Legs Workout For Moms:

1A) 1 1/2 Bodyweigh Squat - 12 reps

1B) Squat Jump - 6 reps

1C) Plank Extension - 12 reps/arm

1D) Feet Elevated Hip Extension - 10 reps

Do that workout as a circuit and complete as many circuits possible in 10-minutes.

If you have extra time, and your legs aren't wibbly-wobbly, go for an extra 5-minutes. I don't want you going much longer than 15-20 minutes with this workout because I don't want you getting stuck in the rut of commiting too much time to your legs.

Believe it or not, working your whole body is the best way to improve your legs.

You have to get your entire body involved to get, and keep your metabolism revved and your hormones in the right levels to trim the fat, make your legs and butt stronger and give you the toned and defined legs you want.

If you'd like some other workouts to add to this legs circuit, click the links below...

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Give those videos a watch, then put a few of them together to make your own weekly workout program - don't perform all the workouts in one day...that's too much.

You want a workout program that fits your lifestyle, rather than picking a workout program that demands you fit its schedule. If it fits your schedule, you'll stick to it longer, which is how you accomplish your goals and get those sexy legs...

If you find program that does NOT fit your lifestyle, you may stick with it for a few weeks or even couple months, but it won't last and you'll give up and be pissed.

Don't be pissed.

Do workouts that fit your lifestyle, like this fast legs circuit workout. Do it regularly, and with the proper intensity, and you'll get the results you want.


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