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Looking for some simple nutrition and diet tips?  Here are a few super-easy diet tips to use to help you lose weight almost immediately.  Put these nutrition tips into your overall weight loss program and watch the weight fall off your stomach!

by Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT (aka The Fit Dad) - Fitness and Nutrition Expert to the true superheroes - busy Moms and Dads! and Author of Fat Loss To Go

“Do you know any diets to help me lose weight?” 


“I’m trying this new diet, but I don’t like it very much…what can I do differently?”


Those are just a couple of the questions I get all the time from people wanting to lose weight through their diet.   I can see why they’re confused and are having difficulty understanding what’s out there because it’s very confusing.diet tips to lose weight


One minute you have a so-called diet expert telling you that you need to cut this out and add this to lose weight, while another “expert” tells you the exact opposite. It’s enough to make my head spin and I do this stuff for a living!


So to cut through all the confusion I’ve made a list of the top 5 fat loss nutrition tips that I teach all my clients to put into place.   If you put these tips into practice and build on them until they become habit, you will be burning fat like crazy in no time at all.


1.    Cut down on the grains


This one is kind of controversial to some people so I figured I’d start out with this one.


When I tell this to clients they ask “Even whole grains, like wheat bread?” Yes, even whole grains like wheat bread.


I can’t prove it with a scientific study or point out research that proves this point, I can only tell you the experience I’ve had personally and the experiences of my clients.   When you start to cut down on the amount of grains you eat, and replace them with some other form of carbohydrate like fruits, veggies and nuts, you start losing fat, and you lose it quickly.


The reasons for getting rid of processed grains are easy and have been pointed out numerous times before, but some people are hesitant at first to cut down on the whole grains too.   Don’t worry about it.   Try it for a week and if you don’t like the way you feel, start eating them again.   What do you have to lose besides some unwanted fat?


2.    Eliminate liquid caloriestips to help you lose weight


This one should be a no-brainer, unfortunately many people still drink way too many calories and that just makes you gain fat rather than lose fat.


Liquid calories are calories that you usually don’t even think about and don’t include in your daily calorie count.   That’s a very dangerous combination when you want to lose fat, especially stomach fat.


Those liquid calories don’t take much time to get digested (since they’re liquid there’s not much to break down) and go straight to your blood stream where they’ll most likely be stored as fat.


I see it all the time when I have clients do food diaries for me.   They have dinner with their family and it’s a good sum of   calories, but not enough to worry about.   But then they add some calorie bomb of a drink like soda, some sort of coffee drink or, worse yet, alcohol.


Those drinks are a minimum of 100 calories each and in some cases go up to 500 calories and when you drink them you don’t even think about the calorie content.


Get rid of them and you will start losing fat quickly.


3.    Snack before you eat a meal


Snack before you eat a meal to lose fat?   That’s just crazy talk!


Not really.   At least not my way of snacking.


About a half hour before you know you’re going to eat lunch or dinner, have a fiber and protein packed snack like a couple handfuls of almonds or a yogurt and an apple.   There’s not that many calories in there, but the protein and fiber will satisfy your hunger so you won’t eat as much at meal time, plus you’ll slow down your eating because you won’t be as hungry.


Just that one little trick can make a big difference.    Just don’t make the snack too high in calories and make sure it’s a “real food” not some sort of processed 100 calorie snack pack.


4.    Drink your breakfastsmoothies help you lose weight


No, I don’t mean booze.   I mean make a smoothie.


I start every day off with a homemade smoothie consisting of assorted berries, real fruit juice, protein powder and some ground flax seed.   It’s a decent amount of calories, but not too many plus it’s loaded with fruits (I get about 4 or 5 servings of fruit in that one smoothie) and it’s loaded with protein and fiber.


Those are all the ingredients to help you lose fat, plus make you healthier.


Just make sure it’s not a store bought smoothie because they usually load them up with frozen yogurts and fillers because the good stuff is too expensive for them to justify putting in there.   Plus many of them are loaded with calories.


In fact, I just found out that one of my wife’s favorite store bought smoothies has over 1200 calories!   And they advertise it as a healthy alternative to a meal.   Not quite.


5.    Eat at least 1 piece of fruit and vegetable with EVERY meal.


I can’t give you nutrition information for fat loss without harping on fruits and vegetables.   You have to eat them on a daily basis if you want to lose fat and stay healthy.


There’s no arguing with that point.


But that doesn’t mean you have to go to the store and start stuffing your face with every fruit and vegetable known to man. Start small and start slow.


If you don’t eat any right now, add and apple and some broccoli to your lunch.   Or have a lettuce salad with and some fruit for lunch.


Just make sure you have one of each with each meal.


Follow as many of these fat loss nutrition tips and you will be losing fat in no time!

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