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Don't Be a Fat Loss Workout Flip-Flopper

Are you a flip-flopper hopping from one weight loss system to the next? Do you find one workout program you like, then jump ship after a few weeks to the next shiny thing?

by Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT (aka The Fit Dad) - Fitness and Nutrition Expert to the true superheroes - busy Moms and Dads! and Author of Fat Loss To Go

Do you have fat loss workout ADD? Do you find one program or system you like, then jump ship to the next one just because it looks and sounds a little better?

Are you also frustrated by your lack of results with any one of those programs?

Your lack of results is more than likely due to your weight loss program flip-flopping.

There is a phenomenon amongst entrepreneurs called "entrepreneurial disease". What that basically means is you come up with an idea for a business, put the plan into action, then before you see it through you think of something else and start working on that plan, etc.


That's all well and good, except for the fact you didn't finish the project you started before moving on to the next. This process continues, with the entrepreneur coming up with idea after idea, but never seeing them through to their fullest extent. Some ideas may yield results, but most flounder along never living up to their full potential.


This same entrepreneur usually ends up quitting business altogether, telling himself that he just doesn't have what it takes to be successful in business.


This phenomenon also happens with people when they decide they are going to get fit and lose weight.


They see something new and exciting and decide they want to try that workout program. So they go along with that plan for a couple weeks, only to see another new and exciting plan and jump ship from the one they started and go on to the next best thing.fat loss workout


The good thing is that at least you're doing something. Any sort of physical activity is better than nothing, but you limit yourself on what can be achieved.


Maybe you saw a workout in a magazine on how to get better abs in 6 movements and decided you were going to do that, while completely abandoning the program you were on that had given you good results.


You had good intentions...you wanted a better butt. And really, who doesn't want a better butt?


But what if I told you the program you were on, that you just abandoned for this magazine workout, was easier to stick with and gave you better results than the one in the magazine?


Or maybe you're after a fat loss workout that can strip the fat off your stomach and you see some fancy schmancy new abs gizmo on an infomercial and decide that you're going to quit using the program that your very knowledgeable personal trainer gave you (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), and solely rely on the new abs thing-a-majig because the well-paid infomercial people told you all you had to do was use their thingy and get "flat, toned abs".


This turns into a never ending cycle of flip-flopping, and I think John Kerry can tell you, through his experiences in 2004, you don't want to be called a flip-flopper.


You hop from one workout program to the next, never seeing one to its end and thus never knowing what one program will do for you.


If this sounds like you, maybe you've told yourself the same thing the entrepreneur tells himself, except you say that you just can't lose that fat, gain the flexibility, build the muscle, or whatever your goal may be.


Here's one very important thing you should know about good fat loss workout programs:


Most worthwhile programs, no matter what your goals are, build upon themselves, making them progressively more effective as time goes on and if you were to stop after a couple of weeks and then start a different program just because it sounds better, you are severely limiting the results you can achieve...making you think that you just don't have what it takes to be successful with your fitness goals.


So whether it's a 12-week program that you found in a bookstore, a 6-week advanced fat loss program that was found in a fitness magazine, or better yet an program written by a knowledgeable personal trainer (wink, wink, nudge, nudge...I mean ME!!!), just follow it through to the end. The program will work, but you absolutely have to follow through.


Who knows, you may just end up with better results than what you were after.

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