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Home Workout In 10-Minutes

Do you hate exercising in health clubs, or just want something that doesn't require you to mess with traffic or crowds? Here's a quick at-home workout video that only takes 10-minutes. It's fast and simple and will help you lose fat.

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and author of Fat Loss To Go

Can I be honest with you?home workout in 10-minutes

Even though I'm a personal trainer with his own private training studio (gym), I really don't enjoy working out in commercial health clubs or gyms.  I do not like training with crowds of people.

It weirds me out.  All I can think of are the wandering eyes and germs crawling around in the sweat pools left by the various creepers.

Plus I really don't like cardio equipment.  It reminds me of the hamster we had in 3rd grade.

What I really enjoy are workouts I can do from home, or at least in the privacy of my own studio.  No crowds, no waiting, cleanliness (or at least my own funk), and, best of all, the fact that it only takes a fraction of the time a normal gym workout takes.

Did you know that you can get a quality workout done from home, with no fancy schmancy equipment, that takes as little as 10-minutes?


Well, here's a quick video demonstrating that I'm right (and I suppose you'd be wrong...but I won't say that because I like you too much).

Home Workout In 10-Minutes

See what I mean?

If you were to do that 10-minute workout on a regular basis, or better yet mix in a little variety with some of the other workouts here on this site, you will not only lose a lot of fat, but you'll cut down on total workout time, which means you'll have a lot more free time to do whatever it is you enjoy doing...

...like maybe being a phrenologist (studies the bumps on your head).

All sillyness aside, being able to get a quality 10-minute workout in from home can be a lifesaver. One of the most common reasons (excuses) I get from prospective clients is that they simply don't have the time to devote to a workout program on a consistent basis and this style of home workout completely cuts that excuse down to size.

Here's the rundown on that workout just in case you didn't write it down.

Home Workout In 10-Minutes:

1A) Renegade Row - 10 reps

1B) Squat w/Shoulder Press - 10 reps

1C) Plank Thrust - 10 reps

1D) DB or KB Swing - 15 reps

Repeat that circuit as many times possible in 10-minutes. Try not to rest at all, but go within your fitness level. By that I mean if you feel like your shoulders are going to fall off after the Squat w/Shoulder Press, then put the weights down, shake 'em out and get some life in them before moving on to the Plank Thrust.

Then, as the days and weeks go by, your fitness level should be improving (if you're consistent) which means you'll be able to cut down on the rest until you go through the whole 10-minutes without stopping.

You don't have to stop at 10-minutes, either.

If you have the time and energy, then you should continue on for another 5-10 minutes.

Another option is to throw one of my Add-On workouts on at the end. Here are a few options:

Six Pack Abs Workout In 4-Minutes

Arms Workout

Legs Workout

Make sense?

Remember - all it takes is 10-minutes (plus warm-up). Anything beyond that is gravy.

And....and...you can do the whole thing from home, which means that by the time the rest of the goobers are driving to the gym, wandering around, warming up, wandering around some more and then driving home, you will have done a killer workout, maybe 2, and actually see and feel results in just a few short weeks.


Of course it is!

ed scow
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