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How To Do A Plank Exercise

Planks can be one of the best abs exercises for both men and women, but many do them wrong.  Check out this quick instructional video to see How To Do A Plank and get a strong core!

By Ed Scow, aka "The Fit Dad", certified fitness and nutrition expert to the true super heroes - busy Moms and Dads! and author of Fat Loss To Go

Planks are right up there with push-ups for me in terms of putting them in EVERYONE's workout programs. It doesn't matter if you're looking to lose weight, get stronger, gain some muscle, or any combination of the 3 you HAVE to do Planks.

They work your abs and core much better than any crunch, sit-up or twisting exercise, and there are many different variations to fit your skill level.

The problem with Planks - just like push-ups - is that many people don't do them properly. They have their arms out of position, let their stomach sag and/or stick their butts up in the air. All of those things decrease the effectiveness of one of the best abs and core exercises plus make it more dangerous and make you more injury-prone.

To better help, I decided to make you a video showing how to do a plank, along with a few Plank variations.

How To Do A Plank

Simple enough, right?
One of the cool things about Planks is that they can be expanded, depending upon your fitness level.  I've never been a big fan of having a client hold the plank position for much longer than 30-45 seconds.
Why? how to do a plank exercise
Because I think it's boring as hell.
Besides the boredome aspect, I also think you reach a point that it's not as useful.  I can understand there being some benefit to holding a plank for a long period of time, but why do it when there are so many other things you could do and get just as good, if not BETTER, benefits?
Rather than doing a regular plank, you could do a Side Plank, Push-up Plank, Decline Plank, or throw in some extensions where you alternate extending your arms - without rocking - to increase the intensity and balance factor.
See what I'm saying?
By all means, do a Plank and keep coming back to this video to learn how to do a plank and make sure your form is in check, but expand your horizons a bit and include different variations.
Again, I think Planks are one of the best, and simplest, abs workouts for men and women. They increase your abdominal endurance, help strengthen the core and, when inserted into a proper workout program, can help lose stomach fat...although they won't do much on their own.
Planks work best when grouped into a quality workout program that includes lots of resistance exercises - and that does NOT mean you need to join a gym. get a strong core with planks
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Ooh, I thought of one more thing before we close out.  One option I have clients do, especially if they've been having issues sticking with a consistent workout plan, is to start small.
Many of my clients watch television in the evening because that's their "brain dead" time.  They don't yet have it as a habit to stick to a full workout program, but are willing to do a little, so here's what I have them do.
During commercial breaks, do circuits of Planks, Bodyweight Squats and Hip Extensions.
Then, during the next commercial break, do a circuit of Push-ups, Lunges and Jumping Jacks.
Alternate back and forth for an entire 30-minute program.
Easy enough, right?
Thanks for reading and watching!
Talk to you soon!  
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