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Push-ups Variations From Beginner To Advanced

Push-ups must be done in any weight loss or strengthening workout...but not everybody can, or should, do the same type.  Here are some different types of push-ups from Beginner to Advanced...

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and author of Fat Loss To Go

The push-up is an awesome exercise for everything from helping you lose weight, to strengthening your chest, arms and upper back, and being an awesome core exercise.

I include push-ups in virtually all the workout programs I design, no matter the goal, because they're that important.push-up variations from beginner to advaned

For example, here's a rundown of a couple programs I had 2 completely different clients do yesterday.

Client #1:  41-year old dad, optician, needs to lose 25 pounds

We started with a big circuit of Deadlifts, Shoulder Touch Push-ups and Knee Raises.  The main lift here was obviously the deadlift, but the push-ups were included and gave his hips and back a rest.

The next circuit we did consisted of Inverted Rows, Close Grip Push-ups and Walking Lunges.  The Close Grip Push-ups were a great compliment to the Inverted Rows and gave him a nice arm "pump."

We finished up with a circuit geared towards making him pant like a hot puppy dog and that was that...

The "brunt" of that workout was focused on the back, but push-ups were still included.

Client #2: 33-year old mother of 3 (yes...3) who's trying to get her body back and she's doing awesome.styles of push-up bodyweight exercise

We started backwards from the previous example in that we began with more metabolic exercises to get her body jazzed up.  We did a big circuit of Burpees w/Push-up, Reverse Lunges and Side Plank Extensions.

The next circuit we did consisted of Jump Squats, 1 1/2 Squats and "T" Push-ups.  She wasn't able to do very many T Push-ups, so we backed off to regular push-ups to finish the sets.  I was totally fine with this because she was a bit tired and I'd rather her do something within her energy-levels than completely tax all her energy reserves with the stupid idea of pushing through the lack of energy.

We finished off with a Push-up Plank Extension, Overhead Stationary Lunge and Knee Raises.  Actually we did some more metabolic stuff after that, but I'll share that for another article.

My reason for sharing those stories is that EVERYONE should be doing push-ups.

The problem is not everyone can do the same type of push-ups.  It's silly of me to simply throw push-ups in a workout and not be concerned for the person who isn't strong enough to do the variation I show, or, on the flip-side, the person who is ready for more advanced types of push-ups.

Just like those two clients did different push-ups, and I have clients from the complete spectrum of overweight beginner to advanced exerciser and young to old, you need to have the knowledge of many different variations of push-ups from beginner to advanced.

Here's a little video I made showing you some push-up progressions from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced.

Push-ups from Beginner To Advanced

So what do you think?  Can you incorporate any of those push-ups in to your own 10-minute workout program?

Of course you can!  Give 'em a try and be amazed at the results!  You'll be stronger, leaner and your body will thank you.

The one thing about push-ups is that you can't go wrong with just picking and choosing which ones you want to do.  If your workout calls for push-ups and you want to mix things up, by all means add different varieties.  It's all based around the same movement and an intelligently designed program shouldn't have problems incorporating different styles (unless you're getting really freaky).

For instance, if your workout just calls for Push-ups, but you can easily manage 4 sets of 12, then bump it up to Decline Push-ups or Close Grip Push-ups, or even "T" Push-ups.

Or, on the flip side, if your workout calls for "T" Push-ups, and you're not ready to do sets of those, drop it down to an easier version...but not too easy.  Remember that you should be challenging yourself with your bodyweight workouts and you'll do yourself no favors by going too easy.

Sound cool?

Now rock on with your bad self!

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