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Quick 10-Minute Fat Loss Workout

Check out this quick 10-minute fat loss workout video designed just for busy moms and dads. Lose stubborn fat with this quick 10-minute fat loss workout video

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and author of Fat Loss To Go

Can I be honest with you for a second?

I hate the whole "Primal" movement when it comes to training and workouts.

Don’t get me wrong - the basis is sound and it’s how I train people in my studio and via the programs I design on this site - but it drives me nuts because it shouldn’t even be a movement.

There shouldn’t have to be a distinction between training in that style versus any other style because there should be no other distinction other than your workouts including lots of pushing, pulling and moving your body through space.

I blame health clubs for the massacre of the workout program because they’re the ones that started building massive complexes full of machines and cardio equipment - while also locking you into a contract that seems to have been written by the devil himself because for 12-months you are locked into that puppy and they garnish your checking account better than any mortgage lender ever could.quick 10 minute fat loss workout

I feel i may have gotten a bit off base so let’s pull this puppy back in and get down to the workout nitty-gritty.

I want to talk 10-minute weight loss workouts with you today, and more specifically I want to talk about using your own bodyweight instead of doing traditional cardio.

Yep...no more treadmill and you can kick the elliptical to the curb because after today you will no longer have a need if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

Why? Because you’re going to learn how to be "primal" (ugh) and use your own bodyweight and push, pull, squat, lunge and move to work your muscles, burn lots of calories and kickstart your body into fat burning mode.

Quick 10-Minute Fat Loss Workout

Did that workout make sense?

Like I said earlier, the cool thing is you don’t need any extra equipment for that workout, you should use that in place of traditional cardio workouts, and you’ll burn tons of calories and strip off stubborn fat.

Let’s talk about the cardio thing for a minute because when talking about doing a bodyewight cardio workout, some moms and dads eyes tend to gloss over and their brains get all fuzzy and go haywire.

Imagine yourself running on a treadmill. You’re trotting and bouncing along, watching television or attempting in vain to read a book, and the little machine tells you that 300 calories have been burned and you feel great. Actually, you don’t feel great. You feel like hell and you’re bored out of your mind, but you’ve still burned 300 calories and that’s cool.

What happens in 3 weeks? Do you still burn 300 calories or has your body gotten a little bored and adapted to the movement a bit?

I have bad news for you. You haven’t burned 300 calories. You’ve probably burned closer to 280 or 290.


Now what?

Now you either run faster, increase the incline or run longer.

But you have to make it more difficult to burn the same amount of calories.

Read that again - you have to work HARDER to burn the same amount of calories you did a few weeks ago.

Why? Because your body adapted and got smarter.

Now what if you would have trashed the treadmill in favor of the 10-minute weight loss workout you just watched?

You may not have burned 300 calories, but you worked out less, and your body’s calorie burning engine (metabolism) stays elevated for hours, whereas the traditional cardio workout sends your metabolism back to "normal" relatively quickly.

What about your body getting smarter and adapting?

it happens, but the cool thing is you adapt with it as your fitness level improves.

So when the regular push-up gets too easy - because you’ve gotten STRONGER - you increase to a more advanced level.

When your fitness level improves, you take less rest, so you get more work done in the same amount of time.

That’s real improvement and that’s keeping ahead of the game and that’s how you make true and lasting change in your body.

THAT’s how you lose stubborn fat and that’s how you KEEP it off for good.

Oh and before we go, I should probably give you the rundown of that 10-Minute Bodyweight Cardio Workout :)

1A) Push-up - 10 reps

1B) Reverse Lunge - 15 reps/leg

1C) Mountain Climber (fast) - 20 reps/leg

1D) Squat - 20 reps

1E) Squat Thrust - 10 reps - you can also substitute Burpees

Sound cool?

Now go out and try this workout and let me know how you feel.

Remember - it only requires 10-minutes (after warm-up), but if you have extra time, do it for 15-minutes. If you have more time and energy, do it for 10-minutes, rest for 1 minute and then go through it again for 10-minutes.

Make sense?

Of course it does! Now go on and rock on with your bad self!

ed scow

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