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Quick Legs and Butt Workout Trick For Moms Only

If you are a mom and want a more toned butt and stronger, more defined legs, then give this legs workout video a watch (and then try) today.  This unique legs workout trick increases the intensity and effectiveness of your butt workout, without adding extra time to the overall workout program.

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and author of Fat Loss To Go

Do you like lunges?
Do you like doing leg workouts at all?
Or, a better question is, do you perform effective leg workouts...workouts that give you the strong, toned and defined thighs and butt you want and deserve?
Why do I ask that? legs and butt workout trick for moms
The main reason is that one the big problems I see when working with new clients (lady clients) or on the rare occasion I have to venture into a commercial gym, is that far too many moms spend the bulk of their workout time either on the cardio equipment or the resistance machines hoping to isolate their leg muscles.
Machines can have a place in your workout, as can a cardio machine, but not when you are trying to squeeze the most effective workout into the least amount of time possible.
You're busy, right? You have a full plate and the last thing you want to do is spend all that precious free time doing a workout that you HOPE will work - that you HOPE will trim your thigh fat and give you the strong and defined legs you desperately want and deserve.
The cool thing is you don't.
One of the best parts of my "job" is coming up with new and unique ways to turn a regular legs workout into a more effective workout.
How is that done? By coming up with little tricks and tweaks that, without decreasing the intensity and effectiveness of the overall weight loss workout, create a whirlwind of core activity and increased thigh, hamstring and butt activity.
Take this video for example...

Quick Legs Workout Trick For Moms 


Pretty simple, right?
Just do that little tweak in your legs workout and you'll start to see better results.
How can you add it?
You can either swap out your lunges for the exercise shown in the video, or you could also add a set of that exercise immediately following a lunge/squat variation.
I prefer the second option because it gives you the opportunity to use added resistance in the first exercise, and use lower repetitiions, then add a bodyweight variation of the lunge, and do more repetitions, before heading on to your next exercise. toned and sexy butt workout trick
Take this legs workout for example...
1A) Lateral Reaching Lunge - 8 reps/leg
1B) Reverse Lunge w/Knee Up - 15 reps/leg
1C) "T" Push-up - 10 reps
1D) Inverted Row - 6 reps
1E) Plank Extension - 10 reps/arm
See how adding that bodyweight lunge exercise immediately after the Lateral Reaching Lunge can increase the effectiveness and intensity on your butt and hamstrings? You have the 1-2 combination of lower reps/higher resistance combined with the higher reps/bodyweight exercise variation that works your legs in different way to increase the intensity and overall effectiveness of the workout...
...WITHOUT adding a ton of time to the overall workout. That little bodyweight exercise adds about a minute to each circuit, and if you do the circuit 4 times, that's only an added 4 minutes to the overall workout. No biggie, right?
So the next time you find yourself performing a legs workout, or if you just want to develop stronger, more toned and defined legs, give this little trick a whirl and let me know the results.
ed scow
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