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Abs Workout In 4-Minutes

Want an abs workout?  Then check out this quick and simple Six Pack Abs Workout that only takes 4-minutes!  Watch the video, then make sure you add it to your workout program! 

By: Ed Scow, NSCA-CPT: Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert to the True Superheroes - Busy Moms & Dads and Author of Fat Loss To Go

Abs workouts are always in high demand here in the training studio, and that's completely understandable.  Who doesn't want a better looking stomach?

Dads want to lose their guts and moms want a flatter, more toned midsection and that's awesome!

The problem with most abs workouts is that they focus too much on crunches, sit-ups and other isolation movements rather than full body abs exercises.  Don't misunderstand - I'm not bashing crunches or other isolation exercises.  They have their place, but their place is NOT in a workout program designed for weight loss.  Their time comes later and should be part of an intelligently designed workout program.

The way I like to design a six pack abs workout is making it quick, intense and used as an "Add-On" workout where you do your regular fat loss workout (in my case it's usually a 10-minute workout) and then, if you have time and the energy, do a workout designed just for the abs.

One of the easiest and best types of stomach workouts are the ones that only take 4-minutes to complete, which is what we're going to go over today.

The one rule about this six pack abs workout is that you have to do it after your regular fat loss workout. This isn't a fat loss workout in itself, it's an add-on workout.

But having said that, this puppy is a killer so give it a go!

Six Pack Abs Workout In 4-Minutes

Now that you watched the video, be sure to write the workout down.

Here's the rundown for this particular 4-minute ab workout:

1A) DB or KB Swing - 20 seconds on/10 seconds off
1B) Fast Mountain Climber - 20 seconds on/10 seconds off
You are to do that in an alternating fashion, completing the Swing for 20 seconds, resting 10 seconds and then moving to the Mountain Climber for 20 seconds, for 4-minutes.
Once the 4-minutes is up, this abs workout is over!
Dont' forget that this workout is used best in conjunction with a 10-minute weight loss workout and if you're needing one, click here.  Do that 10-minute workout FIRST, then do this 4-minute six pack abs workout.
Easy enough, right?
After you get a decent base of fitness under your belt, you can switch things up and do this Abs Workout first, then your 10-minute workout and then do the 4-minute six pack abs workout AGAIN.
Doing it in that fashion will increase the intensity, not only on your stomach, but also in your fat burning potential.
It's my preferred way of doing these workouts and many of my clients enjoy it too...well as much as one can really enjoy a workout :)
And on another note, aside from being a great stomach workout, a side benefit (well...actually one of the biggest benefits) is that this counts as a "cardio" or metabolic workout.  If you've followed my writing or videos for long then you know my disdain for traditional cardio and would much rather have you do mini-workouts like this that work your entire body, rather than simply doing hundreds and thousands of repetitions with just your legs/hips (that's all cardio is...moving your legs thousands of times to increase your heart rate).
So if you do this workout the way I mentioned a bit ago - where you do this abs workout first for 4-minutes, then do a 10-minute workout, then do this six pack abs workout AGAIN, you'll not only blast your stomach muscles/core, but you'll also have performed a wicked full-body cardio workout.
Alrighty, it's time to sign off.  Be sure to give that Six Pack Abs Workout a try sometime soon!

ed scow

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